The Elsa-Brandström-Haus

The meeting venue, the Elsa-Brandström-Haus in Blankenese, is ideally suited for the meeting. A previous meeting, the DFG funded meeting on ADP-ribosylation in animal tissues was held in 1996 in the same venue (organized by Drs. Haag and Koch-Nolte). Located on the border of the Elbe river on the outskirts of Hamburg, the Elsa-Brandström-Haus is well accessible from Hamburg international airport, and provides on-site housing for 81 participants. Additional housing can be provided by nearby hostels and hotels. All meals will be provided on-site. The villa has a lecture hall for 100 participants, adjacent rooms suitable for poster presentations and coffee breaks, a garden overlooking the Elbe river, a hiking trail, and a bar. The location and the small size of the meeting will provide ample opportunities for encounters and scientific discussions. The sessions will be attended by all participants. The organizers will make a special effort to attract young researchers, and plan to provide grants to young participants whose poster-abstracts have been selected for oral presentations.

View of the White House
Large Room in the White House

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