General topics:
  • Signaling functions of NAD and of NAD-metabolites
  • NAD homeostasis
  • Structure, function, and biology of NAD-metabolizing enzymes
  • Calcium signaling mechanisms and NAD-metabolites
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Sunday, September 14th

13:00    Registration

15:00    Welcome


Session I: 15:00 – 17:35
NAD homeostasis
Chair: Fabio Malavasi & Frances Lund

15:15    Antonio De Flora (Genua, Italy) Opening lecture
S1-L1   Cross-talk of ectoenzymes, receptors, transporters and ion channels in the modulation of NAD(P)-dependent                             calcium-regulated cell functions

16:00    Mathias Ziegler (Bergen, Norway):
S1-L2   Pyridine nucleotides - small molecules with a multitude of functions

16:20    Nobumasa Hara (Izumo, Japan):
S1-L3   NAD biosynthesis from nicotinic acid in mammalian cells

16:40    Violeta Mutafova-Yambolieva (Reno, USA):
S1-L4   Emerging role of NAD as a novel neurotransmitter

17:00    Eduardo Lazarowski (Chapel Hill, USA):
S1-L5   Regulated nucleotide release from epithelial cells

17:20    Sandip Patel (London, UK) selected poster presentation I
S1-P4   Isoform-specific targeting of NAD kinase by calmodulin

17:35    End of Session

18:00    Dinner

19:30   Sirpa Jalkanen (Turku, Finland) Evening Lecture
S1-L6  Ecto-enzymes in control of leucocyte traffick

20:30  Wine cellar opens


Monday, September 15th



Session II: 08:00 – 11:35
Calcium signalling mechanisms and NAD-metabolites
Chair: Andreas Guse & Hon Cheung Lee


08:00    Hon Cheung Lee (Hong Kong, China):
S2-L1   Structure and functions of human CD38, a multifunctional signalling molecule

08:20    Andreas Guse (Hamburg, Germany):
S2-L2   NAADP: from molecule to therapy

08:40    Antony Galione (Oxford, UK):
S2-L3   The NAADP receptor

09:00    Armando Genazzani (Novara, Italy):
S2-L4   NAD(P) transport across the plasma membrane: is it real?

09:20    Coffee break (in front of posters)

10:00    Luigia Santella (Napoli, Italy):
S2-L5   NAADP calcium signalling during starfish oocyte fertilization

10:20    Martin Hohenegger (Vienna, Austria):
S2-L6   NAADP signalling in skeletal muscle

10:40    Barry Potter (Bath, UK):
S2-L7   Chemical Intervention in Ca2+ Signalling Pathways

11:00    Grant Churchill (Oxford, UK):
S2-L8   Development and use of chemical tools for studying the biological roles of NAADP

11:20    Eugen Brailoiu (Philadelphia, USA) selected poster presentation II
S2-P9   Candidate calcium channels for NAADP

11:35    End of Session

11:40    Lunch




Session III: 13:30 – 17:40
NAD signaling via ADP-ribosylcyclases (CD38 & related enzymes)
Chair: Mike Jacobson &Antony Galione


13:30    Elena Zocchi (Genua, Italy):
S3-L1   Abscisic acid and cyclic ADP-ribose are first and second messengers in inflammatory cells and hemopoietic                             progenitors

13:50    Frances Lund (Rochester, USA):
S3-L2   Lessons from CD38 KO mice

14:10    Marie-Jo Moutin (Grenoble, France):
S3-L3   Evidence for an intracellular cADPR-forming enzyme in brain from CD38-deficient mice

14: 30   Francis Schuber (Strasbourg, France):
S3-L4   Schistosoma mansoni NAD-catabolizing enzyme: mechanistic and structural insights for inhibitor design

14:50    Coffee break (in front of posters)

15:30    Li-he Zhang (Beijing, China):
S3-L5   Synthesis of biologically activite cADPR and NAD mimics

15:50    Tim Walseth (Minneapolis, USA):
S3-L6   The cADPR/CD38 signaling system in smooth muscle

16:10    Jaime Sancho (Granada, Spain):
S3-L7   CD38 signalling in T cells

16:30    Fabio Malavasi (Torino, Italy):
S3-L8   Associations of CD38 with human diseases

16:50    Haruhiro Higashida (Kanazawa, Japan):
S3-L9   CD38 and social brain: Autistic behavior regulated by oxytocin release in a cyclic
              ADP-ribose -dependent fashion

17:10    Mo Ching Lam (Hong Kong, China) selected poster presentation III
S3-P8   Molecular orientation of CD38

17:25    Antje Lohmüller (Becton-Dickinson) sponsor presentation
              Tools to measure T cell signaling events at a single cell level

17:40    End of Session

18:00    Poster Party     BD

20:30  Wine cellar opens


Tuesday, September 16th


Session IV: 08:30 – 11:45
NAD signalling via ADP-ribosylation (I mammalian ARTs)
Chair: Klaus Aktories & Friedrich Koch-Nolte


08:30    Friedrich Koch-Nolte (Hamburg, Germany):
S4-L1   Structure and function of mammalian ARTs

08:50    Michel Seman (Rouen, France):
S4-L2   NAD-induced T cell death

09:10    Anette Braß (Hamburg, Germany):
S4-P13 ARTs on antigen presenting cells

09:25    David Serreze (Bar Harbor, USA):
S4-L3   ART2 in mouse models of autoimmune diabetes

09:45    Coffee break (in front of posters)

10:30    Sunna Hauschild (Leipzig, Germany):
S4-L4   NAD-induced signalling in human monocytes

10:50    Maria Di Girolamo (Chieti, Italy):
S4-L5   Mammalian ADP-ribosyl proteome analysis

11:10    Friedrich Haag (Hamburg, Germany):
S4-L6   Identifying novel target proteins of mammalian ARTs

11:30    Eva E. Avila (Guanajuato, Mexiko) selected poster presentation IV
S4-P2   Mono-ADP-ribosyl transferase activity and the possible genes codifying for the enzyme(s) in Entamoeba histolytica

11:45    End of session

12:00    Lunch



Session V: 13:30 – 16:40
NAD signalling via ADP-ribosylation (II toxin ARTs)
Chair: Friedrich Haag & Michel Seman

13:30    Klaus Aktories (Freiburg, Germany):
S5-L1   Structure and functions of insecticidal ADP-ribosyltransferases from Bacillus sphaericus and                                                         Photorhabdus/Xenorhabdus species

13:50    Keiji Wakabayashi (Tokyo, Japan):
S5-L2   The Pierisin-family, a guanine-specific ADP-ribosylating toxin in butterfly

14:10    A. Rod Merrill (Guelph, Canada):
S5-L3   Novel Structures of the Pseudomonas ExoA toxin in complex with NAD and eEF2 reveal important new insights into                  the reaction mechanism for the ADP-ribosyltransferases

14:30    Coffee break

15:10    Joseph T. Barbieri (Milwaukee, USA):
S5-L4   Trafficking and specificity of Pseudomonas ExoS

15:30    Mariana Margarit (New York, USA):
S5-L5   Structures of Salmonella SpvB and ADP-ribosylated actin

15:50    Fernando Goldbaum (Buenos Aires, Argentina):
S5-L6   Generation of llama single domain antibodies that inhibit an ADP-ribosyltransferase
              bacterial toxin

16:10    Maria Rosaria Faraone Mennella (Napoli, Italy), selected poster presentation V
S5-P3   A new sight of the ADP-ribosylation reaction in the thermophilic Crenarchaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus

16:25    Marc Niere (Bergen, Norway), selected poster presentation VI
S6-P2   Functional analysis of subcellular NAD metabolism by compartment-specific modulation of NAD levels

16:40    End of session

17:30    Social event, bus tour and boat trip with dinner on the Elbe river until 22:30


Wednesday, September 17th


Session VI: 08:30 – 12:00
NAD-signaling in intracellular compartments
Chair: Andreas Ladurner & Antonio De Flora

08:30    Michael Hottiger (Zürich, Switzerland):
S6-L1   Transcriptional regulation of NF-kB-dependent gene expression by

08:50    Myron Jacobson (Lexington, USA):
S6-L2   Role of NAD derived poly(ADP-ribose) in cell signalling

09:10    Fernando Bazan (San Francisco, USA):
S6-L3   Structure, Mechanism and Evolutionary Design of PARG

09:30    John Denu (Madison, USA):
S6-L4   The Sir2 family of protein deacetylases

09:50    Coffee break

10:30    Andreas Ladurner (Heidelberg, Germany):
S6-L5   Chromatin as a receptor in NAD pathways

10:50    Daniela Corda (Chieti, Italy):
S6-L6   CtBP/BARS proteins are ADP-ribosylated by a novel mechanism

11:10    Manfred Weiss (Hamburg, Germany):
S6-L7   The structure and mechanism of ADP-ribosylhydrolases (ARHs)

11:30    Joel Moss (Bethesda, USA):
S6-L8   Participation of the ADP-ribose X-hydrolase (ARH) gene family in diverse signal transduction pathways

11:50    Frances Lund (Rochester, USA):
              Farewell and sword ceremony

12:00    End of symposium


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